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Location of Salo

The E18 motorway between Turku and Helsinki is the most important international route in Finland. It is about a one-hour drive from the capital city area to Salo along the motorway. E18 is part of the Nordic Triangle project which emphasizes Finland´s position as a thoroughfare between the East and the West.

The transport security of the new road fulfills the requirements set for an international transport route. The new motorway guarantees a sufficient and consistent service level for domestic transports, personal and public transport as well as for foreign trade and international traffic.

The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is slightly more than an hour´s drive, and the Turku airport less than an hour´s drive away. In addition, ports of Turku, Hanko and Helsinki can all be reached in about an hour.

Over two millions Finns live within a hundred-kilometre radius from Salo. In Salo, you are close to everything and everyone.

Why Salo? - TOP 3

1. Excellent location and easy access
2. Wide array of pre-existing business spaces and land available
3. Multidisciplinary expertise and entrepreneur-friendly cooperation

What does Yrityssalo offer to enterprises investing in Salo? - TOP 3

1. Allocated contact person to help you in different stages of settlement
2. Benefits of the sudden structural change
3. Functional business networks and services

Soft Landing -services are provided by Yrityssalo Ltd.

Yrityssalo is a business development company owned by the city of Salo. Its goal is to serve companies flexibly and quickly. We are a company supporting entrepreneurship and providing a solid package of information of the area, its possibilities and expertise. We also provide current information on the available business sites and possibilities for your business.

Yrityssalo Ltd
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Tel. + 358 44 778 2115

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