Towards entrepreneurship and growth with Yrityssalo

At Yrityssalo, we work for enterprises! Successful enterprises form the foundations for vitality and competitiveness in their region. As the businesses grow and evolve, new jobs are created. As new jobs are created, the vitality of the region increases and the economy improves.

Yrityssalo is an economic development company owned by the city of Salo. It is a centre for entrepreneurial services, servicing aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses in cooperation with other business service providers.
Our consulting services for prospective and established enterprises are predominantly free of charge. We offer a wide range of advice and support from experts, several pre-existing business networks and excellent tools for different stages of the life of the Enterprise.

Developing your Enterprise

Developing the enterprise is a necessary, continuing and goal oriented activity. In reality, stopping in your tracks means regression and, in the worst case scenario, dropping out of the competition.

Development procedures, depending on the company´s situation, can be targeted at the skills of the personnel and workplace health and well-being, responding to changes in the operating environment and market situation, management of funding and finances, product development, sales, marketing or growth and internationalization.

Development is needed to build a future for the enterprise. It should always be founded on detailed information on the current state of the company and its resources, but above all on commitment to long-term effort.

The personnel at Yrityssalo are able to help the entrepreneur in the development work and guide them to use the versatile products and services provided by our cooperation partners.

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